It's a rare thing, but some recordings manage to both tap into the current Zeitgeist and sound timeless.  Invert's sophomore disc, Between the Seconds (Capstone), does exactly that.  A string quartet featuring Baltimore native Steve Berson on cello, the group conveys the keen sense of foreboding that permeates everyday life in this age of terror, but it also stirs a wide range of feelings.  While Berson's arrangement of "Prelude from Psycho" and the group collaboration "The Passage (Parts 1-3)" could be soundtracks for a litany of tragic events on the evening news, cellist Chris George's "Sonic Eclipse" and "Flight of the Killer Bees" are colorful, rousing pieces that cover a great deal of emotional territory.  A lively, bold take on The Beatle's "Tomorrow Never Knows" hearkens back to a more innocent and idealistic era and closes out the disc on an optimistic note.  Between the Seconds will be a compelling listen for just about anyone with a pulse.
November 2004
John Lewis