Baltimore Magazine 11-07
Baltiimore Magazine
November 2007
After a moody prelude, this disc opens with a statement of purpose; "Dog Days" serves notice that Invert isn't your typical string quartet. Thanks to crashing, propulsive drums (courtesy of guest Roberto Rodriguez, who's played with everyone from Paul Simon to John Zorn), the tune qualifies as nothing less than a spirited departure, one that infuses chamber music with a welcome dose of indie rock spirit. It's also a reminder that this quartet, which includes Baltimore native Steve Berson on cello, turned up on Guided By Voices' 2002 CD Universal Truths and Cycles. Rodriguez turns up on another selection, "The Peak," and it, too, qualifies as something of a revelation. More jazz than classical, it brings to mind Dave Douglas's music for silent film and hints at explosive possibilities as the group responds mightily to Rodriguez's arsenal of beats. The rest of the material, much of it improvised, qualifies as evocative-and, at times, mournful-but no less effective. It's a powerful mix that might have certain Kronos members looking over their shoulders.  ~ John Lewis
The Strange Parade
(Inverted Music)