Bard Observer, Issue #3, April 2005
by Sarah Martino

Before Rachel's performed there was a set by the Invert String Quartet. Quite honestly I have never had a tremendous amount of patience for classical music. I can listen to it and appreciate the skill, but like the un-cultured teenager that I am, I sometimes get a little bored. (This may stem from my childhood associations with the genre - my father used to listen to classical music while he cooked breakfast on Saturday mornings, and his arrival at the stereo with his Beethoven cassette meant I had to turn off my cartoons. Thus, classical music became that of adulthood, ruining the bliss of my mornings with "Garfield and Friends."  But that is neither here nor there). However, the Invert String Quartet, with their self-described "chamber-core," was quite enjoyable. One of their cellists, (they had two cellos, one violin, and one viola, hence the name "Invert Quartet"), was worth watching all on his own, as he played his instrument with more energy than many so-called "rock n roll" artists I have seen. The Invert Quartet played music that had a sense of urgency that is hard not to get excited by, no matter what kind of music you like. Because I know nothing about classical music, I can't really judge it properly on a technical level, but it sounded great to me.


Mike Burns
February 28, 2005
Kevin Devine, Invert, and Rachel's
Just got back from the Rachel's show.
Invert:  F*cking good.  See them and buy their sh*t.


Mismatched Parentheses
There'll Be Time Enough
For rocking when we're old, as they say.
So Invert opened and blew my mind. And Rachel's, with their gorgeous cello player, were beautifully sleepy. With a name like "the multi-purpose room," you wouldn't think a location could get so cozy.I hadn't been this excited since Devendra Banhart came to our old gym basement two years ago during reading week, when no one was on campus and the ten or so of us piled into a tiny trashy room where I fell in love. This wasn't the same, of course - but it was nice in a similar way.

Live at the Middle East, Cambridge Massachussetts, Feb 27, 2005,
photograph from  Postrock Lovers