Invert was a unique New York City based string quartet, active between 1999 and 2009, that performed original new music composed by its members, and their own arrangements of other composers' works.  Invert's name is taken from their literal inversion of the traditional string quartet format -  they feature two cellos instead of the usual two violins. 

Since coming together in 1999, the group has created its own brand of chamber music by blending numerous genres into its compositions and performance style.  Drawing from diverse, eclectic musical backgrounds, Invert's members defy tradition by being firmly rooted in rock, jazz and world musics rather than the classical upbringing typical of most string players. The group's compositions range from moody pieces evocative of soundtracks from expressionist cinema, to driving melodic works, often leaving open sections for improvisation that add to the excitement of their live performances.

Invert has regularly performed at many renowned New York venues, including The Knitting Factory, Irving Plaza, The Cutting Room, Joe's Pub, The Kitchen, Makor and Trinity Church at Wall Street.  They have recorded string accompaniments for two releases by legendary indie rockers Guided By Voices, and have appeared on bills with artists as diverse as Mission of Burma, Erik Friedlander, Alloy Orchestra, Zoe Keating, American Analog Set, Quasi, and Rasputina.  

In February, October and November of 2005 they toured the United States in support of Quarterstick recording artists, Rachel's, and sat in with them augmenting their string section on a number of pieces during their performances.  Audiences from Texas, to California, to the Northwest and back through the heartland responded enthusiastically to Invert's unique sound.

In late April 2007 Invert released their full length third CD, entitled "The Strange Parade."  The CD includes fifteen pieces that showcase Invert's distinctive mix of compositions and improvisations by members of the band, and their own arrangement of Japanese composer Shigeru Umebayashi's "Yumeji's Theme."  What sets "The Strange Parade" apart from their previous recordings is the inclusion of  two cuts that feature Roberto Juan Rodriguez on drums.   Invert's often groove-driven music was given an extra rhythmic boost by Rodriguez on the compositions "Dog Days" and "The Peak."  You can hear excerpts from "The Strange Parade" here.

Invert's second CD, entitled "Between The Seconds," was released by Capstone Records on January 2004 and was hailed by Baltimore Magazine as "a compelling listen for just about anyone with a pulse."  This ten track disc contains eight original compositions and arrangements of The Beatle's "Tomorrow Never Knows" and Bernard Herrmann's Prelude from the film "Psycho." 

Their self titled debut CD, containing six original compositions, was independently released in 2001, and selections from it have received national airplay.

Invert's CD's and digital downloads are available for purchase online at CD Baby.

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photograph by Esther Levine
Invert - Helen Yee, Chris George, Steven Berson, Chris Jenkins