Helen Yee - violin / Asha Mevlana - viola / Chris George - cello / Steven Berson - cello

Recording Engineer: Paul Evans Mitchell
Recording Engineer for Tomorrow Never Knows: Steven Berson
Edited and mixed by Steven Berson and Chris George
at Total Sonic Media.  Mix/Edit Engineer: Steven Berson
Mastered by Paul Zinman, June 26, 2003,
at Sounbyte Productions, New York, New York.

Cover and back photographs by Justin Bishop
Photographs of instruments and Invert by Esther Levine
Design by Chris George

Tracks 2, 5, 6, 7 recorded June 10, 2001 at Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, New York.
Track 1 recorded July 11, 2001 at Galapagos Art Space.
Track 3 recorded October 21, 2001 at Tiki Recording Studios, Glen Cove, New York.
Tracks 4, 8, 9 recorded May 19, 2002 at Tiki Recording Studios.
Track 10 recorded between April and July 2002 at Total Sonic Media, Brooklyn, New York.

Additional instruments on track 10:
sitar ~ Chris George
djimbe and hand-gong ~ Steven Berson

The three parts of The Passage were entirely improvised
and later edited in the studio for continuity.

All music (c)2003 Invert except:
Tomorrow Never Knows (c)1966 Lennon/McCartney
and Prelude from "Psycho" (c)1960 Bernard Herrmann

Invert would like to thank: 
Richard Brooks, Tom Gallant and the crew at MCM Artists, Michael Hafitz, David Berson,
Marci Brennan, Andrea Arnold, Julie Lyonn Lieberman, Maxine Neuman, Guided by Voices,
Mission of Burma, Lee McClure, Valerie Opielski, Viseltear & Young Violins, WFMU,
and our families and friends for all their support.

A special thanks to Paul Evans Mitchell for his invaluable guidance in all stages of making this recording and to Robert Elmes for his generosity in allowing us to record at Galapagos Art Space.
Invert's full length second CD released in January 2004
over 57 minutes of dramatic string music digitally recorded and beautifully packaged.

click on linked titles to hear streaming mp3 excerpts

1. Salomé Steven Berson, 2000 7:31
2. Sonic Eclipse Chris George, 1999 5:49
3. The Passage, Part 1    Invert, 2001 5:33
4. Flight of the Killer Bees   Chris George, 2001 10:17
5. Broken Blossoms  Steven Berson, 1999 3:48
6. The Passage, Part 2  Invert, 2001 8:47
7.  In Bassett Woods  Chris George, 1999 5:01
8. Prelude from "Psycho" Bernard Herrmann, 1960
arranged by Steven Berson, 1999
9. The Passage, Part 3 Invert, 2002 5:18
10. Tomorrow Never Knows Lennon/McCartney, 1966
arranged by Chris George, 2001

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photograph by Esther Levine