January 30, 2004
Review of "Between The Seconds"
Inverting the string quartet from two violins, viola and cello to two cellos and one violin and viola, "Invert" is, first, a must for Kronos Quartet followers and second, required listening for the forging of contemporary classical string repertoire. In an album composed by its members, "Between The Seconds" takes the listener from driving, ostinato themes that excitedly crescendo with exponential energy to fully expansive and outward-reaching, atmospheric material to imaginative incorporation of world music elements and pop fusion.
Between The Seconds
It is an album that appeals to both the classical academic as well as the "rock cello" interests. In short, there is no pause in the energy and vitality of this group. Extraordinary. 
CD Baby review staff:
Tamara Turner / Pamela Rooney / Derek Sivers